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Every Great Company Starts With a Great Story

Ansley Home Cleaning was started in late 2015 by Steve Perry, a long-time resident living in Piedmont Heights.

If you ask Steve “How did you get into the home cleaning business?” the answer might surprise you.

“After 25 years in corporate America, I needed a big change and didn’t what I wanted to do next.  A friend asked me to go into the cleaning business with him and I laughed it off … not because it wasn’t potentially a great business idea … only because I didn’t want to be in business with ‘this friend’!  We were great friends, but we would have strangled each other if we tried to work together!”

A seed was planted and a couple of months later, I launched Ansley Home Cleaning.  I built the business from the ground up with a mission to create a customer-focused company that would treat all employees and customers with respect and dignity.  Through trial and error, and later with some industry education, Ansley Home Cleaning grew to serve over 200 recurring customers and 15 employees.

Steve Perry

Giving Back to the community is a core value of Ansley Home Cleaning

Cancer impacts so many peoples’ lives that’s why we’ve partnered with Cleaning For A Reason to provide free home cleaning to households battling cancer. Cleaning for a Reason’s free home cleaning is provided to patients whose cancer battle and active cancer treatment has adversely impacted their quality of life. Treatments include chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, hospice care, and other alternative and progressive therapies. Visit Cleaning For A Reason to learn more, donate, and refer a family who may benefit.

Cleaning For A Reason

From the Start Our Process & Technology Drives Great Service

Accurate Intake – As soon as we receive your request for a quote, we’ll call you promptly to confirm and set up your cleaning appointment.  We’ll validate your needs, and answer any questions you may have.

Right Start – A custom work order is created that sets your home cleaner up for a successful service.  From directions, access instructions, and notations unique to your home, to follow-up feedback and adjustments, our focus is on cleaning your home superbly.

Wonderful Certified Housekeepers – Our friendly cleaning professionals are carefully vetted through extensive background and reference checks and are individually bonded for added peace of mind.  Each completes a multi-step training process to become a certified cleaner.

Right Products Right Tools – Mrs. Meyers Clean Day® is our primary cleaner complemented by other carefully selected high-quality cleaning products, microfiber cloths, and tools.

Continuous Feedback – Our technology features “living work orders” regularly updated with your feedback and preferences enabling a more personalized service.

Safety & Integrity – Our insurance coverage is the best in the industry from The Hanover Companies.  Each cleaner is a W-2 employee covered by Workers Comp.  We don’t use sub-contractors or independent cleaners who by definition are under-insured if insured at all.  We are a full-service cleaning company as opposed to a matching service or broker.

Responsive Customer Service – Our services are backed by friendly and responsive customer service 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and after-hours when needed.

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