Don’t Forget to Dust: Why Dusting is So Important

Dusting your home isn’t something you want to neglect. Read this guide to learn why dusting is so important.

More than 50 million Americans have reported experiencing allergies at least some time throughout the year. And a lot of them are actually allergic to dust.

Dust isn’t something that you probably have on your mind often, even though dust is constantly collecting around us. That’s why dusting is actually so important.

Why You Need to Be Dusting Your House

What’s dust? Dust is a blanket term that refers to the particles that collect in our homes. Most dust is made up of skin cells.

You don’t want skin cells lying all over your house. So get dusting.

Dust is Dangerous

If you have children that crawl on the floor and put their fingers in their mouths, they can be ingesting up to ten grams of dust per day. That’s putting their immune systems at risk, especially in homes with carpet.

Dust can cause allergies, asthma, runny noses, and itchy eyes. Households that contain a very high amount of dust could actually affect reproductive hormones and brain development.

It Looks Bad

If you walked into someone’s house and saw that their furniture was gathering dust, what would your first impression of their home be? Probably not a good one.

Dust that’s been sitting around will also stir up easily when you walk around. This makes it easier for the dust to fly into the air and go into your lungs. You can significantly increase your air quality just by keeping your home free of dust.

As mentioned, dust is made of skin cells, pollen, fungi, bacteria, animal dander, dust mites, and dead skin cells. If you want to feel clean and healthy, none of the things on that list are probably going to help you achieve that goal.

It Can Make You Sick

Sitting in the bacteria that might be present in the dust in your home can actually make you get sick. If you have asthma, a dusty room can contribute to poor breathing.

Dusting improves environmental safety. Some offices can cause you to develop something called “sick office syndrome.”

An office that’s not properly cared for with dust sitting around creates a neglectful image that makes workers feel discouraged and even develop an illness. Having a clean working environment will make you healthier and happier.

The same should go for your home. Even sleeping in a bedroom full of dust can cause you to have to breath it in for the entirety of the time you’re asleep.

Learn more about your options to get dust up and out of your house for good.

Get Dust Free

Dusting actually takes up more time than you might think it would. But you know that you can’t leave dangerous dust lying all around your house when you’re at work.

Get a cleaner that you can trust to do the job for you. Ansley Home Cleaning will do more than just rid your house of dust. From an effective whole-home cleaning to deep cleaning, you can stop worrying about dust building up in your house and start feeling clean and safe instead.

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