Top Holiday Cleaning Tips For A Guest Ready Home

Holiday Cleaning Tips For A Guest Ready Home

Every year, the holidays bring about added stress to millions of people in the United States. The number one source of stress for almost 50 percent of Americans is holiday cleaning. Because of this, cleaning can put a real damper on holiday joy. However, it doesn’t have to.

We have picked out different cleaning tips that you can utilize this Christmas season. That way, you can better relax, take in the holidays as a joyous occasion and truly embrace the magic that the holiday season is meant to bring.

Reasons Holiday Cleaning Can Be Such A Headache

While holiday parties can be a lot of fun, having to clean for them can be stressful and wear on the host’s health. There have even been studies that suggest having a cleaner home can impact heart health in some way.

Below, we will be going over a cleaning checklist straight from the experts

1. Clean The Entryway

This is typically the first area that the guest will be presented with. Therefore, it will dictate the first impression of a guest. The entryway is also the area that experiences the most wear and tear. Therefore, it can be an area that experiences a lot of mud and grime buildup from being tracked from outdoors.

To clean this, use soap and water in order to scrub the floors. You also want to clean the doormats regularly by taking them outside and knocking off the loose dirt. You also want to clean the door itself and even wipe down the doorknob prior to guests arriving.

2. Clean The Kitchen

A lot of holiday gatherings take place in the kitchen. After all, you spend a lot of time preparing and enjoying food and drinks. Therefore, you want to focus on cleaning the kitchen while prepping for the holidays.

It is a very smart idea to clean the drains to ensure smooth drainage by boiling water and dumping it down. This will free up anything from causing blockages. The garbage disposal is something that can really become a source of bad odors in the kitchen. Because of this, you can utilize lemon peels to mask the odor. Simply grind up some lemon peels in the garbage disposal. Not only can it freshen the scent, but lemons also have antibacterial properties.

3. Clean The Guest Bedroom

If you are going to be hosting guests, you will want to clean the guest bedroom prior to their arrival. For most, the guest bedroom is vacant for the majority of the year. Even if the room looks clean, it likely needs some cleaning due to dust build-up and other things.

To start, strip the sheets and wash them. You can use white vinegar in the wash load in order to add even more freshness. You also want to use a vacuum to get rid of any dust build-up on the mattress itself and attempt to vacuum underneath the bed in order to get rid of dust buildup in that area, as well.

4. Clean The Bathroom

The bathroom can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. You want to use natural cleaning products and even something like lemon juice in order to get rid of stains from hard water and to add a fresh scent to the room. One of the best ways to combat soap scum is by using a mixture of baking soda, ammonia, and water. It should wipe it away relatively easy.

5. Post Holiday Mess

One of the best ways to avoid having too much to handle is by tidying things up during the festive events. For instance, when unwrapping gifts, take some time to clean up wrapping paper and other messes. When you are looking to put away the lights, you should look to wrap them around either a straight piece of cardboard or even paper towel cardboard to make it easy to avoid tangles for the next time you need to use them.

You should call up your garbage service to see whether or not they have a specific time to pick up your tree to facilitate prompt removal.

Cleaning After The Holidays

These tips should help make you enjoy your holidays much more without the added stress of difficult holiday cleaning. However, the need for cleaning your home doesn’t stop after the joyous season.

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