Frequently Asked Questions2020-02-12T18:27:56-05:00
Aren’t all cleaning services pretty much the same?2020-04-29T18:12:25-04:00

No. Cleaning services can vary greatly from those using uninsured, independent cleaners using Dollar Store products to professionally trained cleaning technicians using quality, professional products. We are a locally-owned real cleaning company not a referral website or internet matching service. All Ansley Home Cleaning staff are professionally trained, insured and bonded. We use only carefully selected top quality professional cleaning supplies and equipment to clean your home and protect your special surfaces such as hardwoods, granite, marble and stainless steel. Our products have been chosen for superior performance and quality after years of research and are non-abrasive and non-toxic.

What about social distancing? Do I need to be home when you clean?2020-04-29T18:12:31-04:00

Ideally we clean your home while you’re away.  Recognizing that’s not always feasible, we’d ask that you and others please remain in a different room and physically away from the cleaner as much as possible — at least 6 feet.  If it’s necessary for you to come in close proximity to your cleaner we’d kindly ask that you also wear a mask.  Please contact me to discuss potential solutions and planning if you think remaining socially distant will be a challenge for you.

What’s your policy on gloves, masks, and other personal protection equipment (PPE) for your home cleaners?2020-04-29T18:13:11-04:00

All cleaners will be wearing face masks, gloves, and booties along with using hospital-grade disinfectant.  We are provide additional training and a check list to ensure everyone’s safety and adherence to our disinfecting protocols.

What happens in case of illness?2020-04-29T18:14:04-04:00

We’ll never send an ill cleaner to your home.  We’ll contact you to reschedule if we’re unable to send a substitute cleaner.  Each of our employees are required to call out ill and remain at home if they, or any member of their immediate household, is ill or experiencing symptoms of any illness, or has been advised to self-quarantine.  We’re also taking the added step of requiring all employees to check their temperature daily.  If you or a member of your household is ill or experiencing any symptoms, please reschedule your cleaning.

Do you service my area?2020-02-12T16:39:39-05:00

Please see our list of neighborhoods served and service area map. You can also contact us to check.

Do you do “move out” or “tenant transition” cleanings?2020-02-12T16:41:23-05:00

We provide move out cleaning services to current customers’ only whose homes we have already been cleaning. Our exclusive focus is regularly scheduled recurring cleaning services so we’re are happy to do “try before you buy” trial cleanings on prospective customers occupied homes.

When do you clean?2020-02-12T16:42:18-05:00

Monday through Friday during the day between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. We are closed weekends and want our full-time cleaners to rest and enjoy time with family and friends.

All cleaning services say they’re “insured” why is yours better?2021-05-21T10:22:03-04:00

Ansley Home Cleaning is insured through Moody Insurance, an agency specializing in residential and commercial cleaning services. Our insurance policies from The Hanover Company and AmTrust are customized exclusively for us and bundle comprehensive coverages for workers compensation, liability, damage/replacement, and automobiles. Our insurance coverage also includes bonding each individual housekeeper. Click here for our Certificate of Insurance.

Is an in-home consult or visit required?2020-04-30T10:25:37-04:00

No. For most apartments, condos, and many homes less than 1,500 square, our telephone intake will review your needs as well as answer any questions you may have. We may do a video call or ask you to send us some pictures of your homes’ interior. Whether phone or in-person, this up-front intake is key to correctly understanding and aligning expectations, and setting us up for success in cleaning your home.

We highly recommend a brief in-home visit for larger homes and if you have any special needs or concerns. Often larger homes have varying needs by room (i.e., guest rooms light or rotation cleaned). Actually seeing your home helps us better tailor your work order and ensures we notate any exclusions. You wouldn’t want your cleaner touching or cleaning a priceless and sentimental family heirloom for example. We’ll keep safe distance when we meet and wear a face mask.

Who will you send to clean my home?2020-02-12T16:48:18-05:00

Usually one trained Ansley Home Cleaning housekeeper will clean your home.  We believe one cleaner (except on really large homes) is preferable because they learn your home as a whole, can be held accountable (versus team members pointing fingers), and if applicable, are better suited for rotation cleaning.  They are insured, security bonded, and will not eat, drink, smoke, or use any of your appliances while in your home.  Our housekeepers are W-2 company employees – we never use sub-contractors or independent cleaners who by definition are under-insured, sometimes uninsured!  Although we cannot guarantee you’ll always have the same housekeeper (due to sick days, vacation time, etc.) our model for weekly and biweekly customers is to schedule the same team member for your home from one visit to another.

Am I liable for workers compensation or employee payroll taxes for the individuals who work in my home?2020-02-12T16:50:18-05:00

Did you know that a homeowner can be held liable for work related injuries and payroll taxes for independent cleaners servicing their homes? Ansley Home Cleaning takes care of these things for you so that you have no liability for work related injuries, Social Security or Medicare taxes.

Do I need to provide cleaning products and equipment?2020-04-29T18:09:44-04:00

Only a vacuum cleaner.  We bring all other cleaning supplies and tools.  If you have a favorite product you’d prefer us to use, simply leave it out and we’ll gladly use it.

What should I do before the cleaning?2020-02-12T17:03:07-05:00

In order to give you the greatest value, we ask you to take a few minutes before to pick up extraneous clothing, toys and other household items and to load dirty dishes into your dishwasher. To limit liability for fine china and/or worker injury from sharp knives or food processor blades, we do not wash dishes.

What do I do if I need to cancel a cleaning?2020-02-12T17:39:40-05:00

Simply notify us 2 business days in advance so we may book another cleaning in your reserved time slot. This prevents your housekeeper from losing work hours that week. Should an emergency arise that does not allow for ample notice, please contact [email protected] or call/text our office at 404-474-1933 as soon as possible. Please see our Service Policies for a complete explanation of possible cancellation fees. We try not to impose fees unless the cancellation policies are abused.

What if something is damaged during a cleaning?2020-02-12T17:40:38-05:00

Our staff members take the utmost care in cleaning and have been specially trained to treat the surfaces in your home. However, accidents do occasionally occur. If an item is damaged, a note will be left to inform you of the occurrence and our office manager will call you to make arrangements for repair, replacement or compensation for the article. Ansley Home Cleaning will make every attempt to either repair or replace the item at our discretion.  If necessary, an insurance claim will be filed to reimburse you.

What if my cleaning falls on a Holiday?2020-04-30T10:26:03-04:00

If your cleaning falls on one of the major national holidays when our office is closed, we will do our best to accommodate you on another day by wait listing you for a day(s) of your choice.  We are unable to guarantee that your cleaning will be rescheduled and you may have to skip that one cleaning.  Ansley Home Cleaning is closed New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving day and the Friday after, and December 24th and 25th.  We believe in celebrating major holidays and allowing our employees that time off to enjoy with their families and friends.

How do I pay for your services?2020-02-12T18:09:29-05:00

Payment is via credit or debit card only.  We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards.  Your credit or debit card is placed on file with us to secure payment for our services. Your card is charged after your cleaning is completed and receipt emailed.

Are there any cleaning tasks you will not perform?2020-04-30T10:27:32-04:00

Our cleanings cover the vast majority of areas and tasks our customers desire.  However, due to insurance and health & safety regulations we cannot clean areas containing animal or human waste or urine including litter boxes, insect and/or rodent infestation, and areas containing extreme clutter where the housekeeper cannot see the floor clearly.  We also do not clean the interior of second story and higher windows or change linens on top bunk beds.  Our employees are restricted to the use of a standard one- or two – step utility ladder.  Each housekeeper carries extension poles and microfiber dusters to reach high ceilings, fan blades, light fixtures and shelving.  We no longer wash dishes or unload dishwashers after experiencing repeated occurrences of housekeepers getting seriously cut.

What time will my cleaning take place?2020-02-12T18:11:15-05:00

We currently schedule cleanings as either “First”, “Morning” or “Afternoon”. If you are scheduled “first” your cleaner will arrive between 8 and 9 a.m.  For “Morning” times your cleaner will arrive any time between 8 a.m. and 12 Noon.  If you are scheduled for an “Afternoon” cleaning, arrival time will be between 12 Noon and 3:30 pm.  If you have a more specific time need, please call our office for arrangements.  Recognizing the reality of Atlanta traffic, we have an one-hour arrival window.

Do I have to sign a contract?2020-02-12T18:11:46-05:00

No.  Ansley Home Cleaning does not require you to sign a contract for any specified number of cleanings.  We know we must earn your trust and appreciation with each visit.

What if I’m not happy with a cleaning?2020-02-12T18:12:23-05:00

We’ll make it right!  We rely on your honest evaluation of our services and open communication to let us know how we can better serve you.  We recognize that we are not always perfect – we are human and sometimes make mistakes. If you are ever unhappy with a cleaning, please contact our offices within 24 hours (or upon your return if you’re out of town) to notify us of the problem.  We will resolve your concern to your satisfaction including returning to re-clean the areas that were not satisfactory.  We are committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction!

If I choose to, may I tip my housekeeper?2020-02-12T18:12:51-05:00

Yes, just leave cash out with a note indicating it’s a tip.  Or contact the office and we’ll add it to your credit or debit card charge.  While tips are genuinely appreciated, our cleaners will never solicit or expect a tip.  Tipping is entirely optional and at your discretion.

Are you pet-friendly?2020-02-12T18:13:48-05:00

We love pets … except those that bite!  Friendly and small pets who are comfortable with someone being in your home while you’re away are fine to leave out.  Any larger pets, pets who may follow the cleaner around, or who could potentially become anxious or aggressive around the cleaner (and the dreaded vacuum cleaner!) should be crated, kept in a room by themselves, or taken to pet day-care.  Whose pet doesn’t love a day at the pet spa?  Hmmm … well maybe not “Miss Kitty”!

How will you access my home?2020-02-12T18:14:58-05:00

Via a lockbox or hide-a-key in a safe & accessible location or through your door’s remote entry system.  We do not hold home keys for your piece of mind and recognizing the reality that keys sometimes key misplaced or lost despite all best efforts and precautions.  If you live in an apartment with an office, or building with a staffed front desk, we can enter via an authorized key release.

What’s the difference between a “deluxe” and “regular” cleaning?2020-02-12T18:17:01-05:00

Deluxe cleanings or initial cleanings are deeper, more detailed cleanings usually recommended for first cleanings.  Additional areas are cleaned, and often more time and attention is required to fully clean built up areas.  A shower that has not been professionally cleaned in a year, as an example, might need to be treated first for mold and mildew, rinsed, then treated with a rust and calcium remover, rinsed, then given an overall general cleaning to remove any remaining residue, soap scum, etc and polish fixtures.  Click here for a detailed list of regular versus deluxe cleanings tasks.

Are there any extra or add on services?2020-02-21T12:12:20-05:00

Upon request and for an additional price, you can add on interior cleaning of the oven and/or refrigerator, empty cabinets and drawers and windows panes.  Cleaning blinds and window sills and lock ledges is included.